In everyday practice most all of us have encounters with patients with benefits from Vision Care Plans (VCP). Here is an opportunity for you as an individual optometrist to communicate with the Vision Care Plans your individual views, both pros and cons, in a professional manner, in order to maintain highly effective patient care.

Reason for the Project

1. Vision plans are making it increasingly difficult to provide quality care.

2. To improve quality of VCP: e.g. knowledgeable customer service representatives, ease of administration of the plan, adequate reimbursement so that quality examination and materials can be maintained at the highest level.

3. To slow the downward spiral of fees and services, which is occurring in the present sy...

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We hope everyone had a good holiday season and a happy new year! As we kick off 2016, we wanted to give you an update to current actions at TOS. As per the guidelines of TOS by-laws the board would like to announce Dr. Michael Santarlas has been elected and named President. Dr. Santarlas is passionate about optometry, policy and practice concerning public health. He currently practices full scope optometry in California and is working towards an MPH in Health Policy.

During 2015, your TOS has represented you and your interests, ensuring that the Voice of the Individual Optometrist is heard. A brief summary of The Optometric Society presence includes:

1- SECO 2015 – Atlanta, GA - TOS introduced its Public Education Campaign, “...

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Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite all of you to join the The Optometric Society [TOS], which will give individual optometrists an increasingly important voice in our profession. I ask all optometrists to join to insure that our voices be heard.

THE Optometric Society was formed to ensure that individual optometrists continue to thrive, independent of the influences of industry and "big medicine." In part, THE Optometric Society will help foster a healthy debate on the issues facing optometry today.

THE Optometric Society is a professional membership organization, comprised solely of optometrists. Concern over the present state of the profession should prompt Optometrists in all modes of pr...

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by Robert Rebello, President, EyeCor Nteon
reprinted by permission

All of the insurance companies have significantly increased their audits. One of the major reasons is the average penalty for a negative insurance audit is between $100,000 and $200,000! When you do the math, with only ten audits, they make $1,500,000! With the number of practices the insurance companies audit, this results in more money than can be obtained in fee cuts!

To ensure an increase in their audits, the companies have increased the number of auditors. Some audits are random and others are a result of information provided by the practice through a request for records. Some insurance companies schedule audits in advance. Others conduct surprise audits.

Nteon Practi...

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